First Time Runner Info

You are planning to go to the China Hash for the first time? This page provides you with some information how to get to the run, what to bring and what to expect.

Welcome to the China Hash, the best thing you can do in Taiwan on a Sunday afternoon.

What should you bring?:
All you need to bring for a hash run are running clothes and shoes, clothes and shoes to change into after the run, a good attitude and a healthy thirst!

How Much?:
Each hash run costs $250NT for men and $200NT for women. That price includes water, sports drinks, snacks and beer. When you arrive at the run, look for the Hash Cash, pay your money and give them your name. You can pay after the run if you are late, but the reason we write your name down is so we can check that you have returned safely.

How Long?:
A hash run is about 7km long. For fast runners, you should be back within an hour to an hour and a half; if you walk, it might take around two hours.

Details of the weekly run are posted on this website. Once you have joined your first China Hash run, we can add you to the Facebook group where the run information is also posted.