Runner NumberHashnameTotal Run Count2018 Run Count
287Vaginal Plumbing 8223
29Vaginal Emergency11722
62Pussy Magnet19922
8550 Shades of Gay11222
63Dick With Bigger Cam18319
40Dick in mouth30518
370floating in cum4018
436Talented Mr Nipply8117
79Sun Yat Seen it all5515
370second man in10515
417Fuck China Hash3015
37Cunt Of The Litter31514
33450 shades gayer 4514
45Cam With A Bigger Dick25513
59Hellooo Nurse7513
72Shitty Shrinkage12613
551porn Nazi3813
6Jam Rag30011
12Dr. Binglang60211
16Arsehole Protector16611
17Dr. Strangeglove57811
66Small Potential13211
67Paparazzi Pussy12211
682No hashname1811
5717,000 Ban-qit20410
244Dry pussy5010
318Lick a Slower Spick4810
322Spick Prick7310
1Arthur's Backdoor1669
4Pussy Vindaloo3559
5Supercalli DoMe3079
55Dr Vagina Face1389
414banana bender609
467say my name bitch149
680hunting cunt159
699Hitler's missing testicle149
2Arthur You Fag15498
6Dump N' Run9358
152 Puppies in the pillow1618
27Elwood Blues3378
28Ms. Titties3208
38Michael J. Fox3118
40Size Queen688
75Homo Hobo1178
178devil within398
478No hashname128
529beastie boytoy458
713Uncle Ben's Special Sauce98
13Cocksucking Jew5937
47Look at Him1827
56Steel Asshole/鋼門1517
482No hashname107
623No hashname87
2Root Of All Evil5336
14Lara Crotch1276
23Sheep Shagger4086
42Carnegie's cum dumpster716
65Chicken Sashimi326
163Menstrual Chicken726
3518 foot facial326
409shit break136
693No hashname116
758Mexican handjob66
8Licken La Hole2265
11Cock Hunter1815
19Comes at Last1215
20Homer Sexual5135
37No hashname675
50Mr. Sausage1545
60Weeping Pussy1215
77Sand Nigger715
87Oh! Face545
281No hashname145
399up chuck run95
481half a bus load75
526No hashname55
528No hashname55
738No hashname55
17Willing Bitch1414
32Teen Volf3004
80Cock Prey Love754
83Ménage à Twat (Bum Bags)1114
93Unsalted Nutsack414
104Sloppy Seconds334
173No hashname94
176Hanoi Hiltob174
224Adolf Hitler's missing testicle74
397No hashname64
433No hashname64
493No hashname44
509No hashname44
749No hashname44
757No hashname44
775No hashname44
4Mijo Slut10783
9Slobbo Tamber1993
25Dick With Ears3953
49Ginormous Clitoris1373
82Tomb Stripper623
166Nobody's bitch263
220Dick Sandwich173
290Pubic Growth363
390Juicy blabla93
472No hashname43
505No hashname33
561Limp of Shame133
748No hashname33
750pussy chef33
766No hashname33
3Amah (Hash Baby)3942
22Rocket Man4442
55unBEARable Cunt372
64Desperate Hashwife262
73Tits Out for the Boys562
84Strokeback Mountme552
114Gypsy Kiwi102
119Free Boob92
156Fucking Short Guy272
176Dick My Ass132
182No hashname242
240Mongolian Crotch32
264super white42
316Gay Korean Popstar132
347No hashname32
348ding bu dong732
387No hashname32
399No hashname102
430No hashname32
464juice kiwi32
488Inexplicably Popular22
490Fuck First22
495Butt plug82
508No hashname22
513No hashname22
519No hashname22
520No hashname22
523No hashname72
523No hashname22
524No hashname22
534No hashname22
539KK Krackhead292
598Pablo big asshole42
602balls in your court102
606No hashname42
618No hashname62
636Midnight cowboy72
669No hashname42
681PK Loser32
716No hashname32
744No hashname22
755Fucking Chucky22
776No hashname22
787No hashname22
789No hashname22
28Rocket Woman841
32Horny Corny531
33Purple Penis Eater471
33Cat Man2561
35Ross Perot2561
35No hashname421
43Face Down Ass Up411
46Shivering little shit1701
47Drowning in Cunts931
53Iron Midget461
54No hashname271
54No hashname1411
61Ariel Chen241
75Lucky Me181
86Country KTV491
91Gangrenous Penis421
93Mushy Banana371
97Bend over God421
100Pin hole341
103Dick You201
111No hashname81
116Pig Shit271
134No hashname221
156No hashname51
167Shit Old Big91
170Shy Stripper241
175judy iscariot161
185No hashname41
204Even Hitler Likes Him31
212No hashname41
256No hashname31
275No hashname111
281No hashname21
293Green Finger Down Under161
294No hashname21
306Build a Wall91
309Ms Sausage41
323No hashname31
345Queen la queefa21
356Never Been Dicked171
358jiasaila fuck talking hash51
361No hashname21
363period stain31
365No hashname21
376taking a dick181
381No hashname31
382Xie Yuqin41
383Beer Kitty21
387No hashname51
394No hashname91
398No hashname21
408kiss my ass31
410Sponge Cake101
416No hashname21
422duck queen41
427grand canyon81
434Aung sung nikki21
435stripe me pls21
446No hashname31
448Red Sex Offender101
452No hashname21
456No hashname21
465No hashname21
468No hashname21
485No hashname21
487No hashname11
489No hashname11
491Pocket Pussy11
492No hashname11
494No hashname11
495No hashname11
496No hashname11
497No hashname11
498No hashname11
499No hashname11
500No hashname11
501No hashname11
502No hashname11
503No hashname11
504No hashname11
506No hashname11
507No hashname11
510No hashname91
510No hashname11
511No hashname11
512No hashname11
512No hashname21
514No hashname11
515No hashname11
515Douche Burrito21
516No hashname11
517The Penisshaped Man221
517No hashname11
518No hashname11
518No hashname61
521Dirty Doll11
522Puss in Chips11
525No hashname11
527No hashname11
529No hashname11
530No hashname11
531No hashname11
532No hashname11
533Give Me Give Me11
540No hashname111
584No hashname11
605Potato Head51
612A Qing31
619No hashname21
658butt out for the tits91
659No hashname21
679No hashname21
697No hashname21
715No hashname21
725No hashname11
726No hashname11
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728No hashname11
729No hashname11
731No hashname11
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733No hashname11
734No hashname11
736No hashname11
737No hashname11
739cheesy balls11
740No hashname11
741No hashname11
742No hashname11
745No hashname11
746No hashname11
747No hashname11
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752No hashname11
753No hashname11
754Tug Me Long Time11
756No hashname11
759No hashname11
760No hashname11
761No hashname11
762No hashname11
763No hashname11
764Jiji Lan Jiao11
765Blow Harder11
768No hashname11
769No hashname11
770No hashname11
771No hashname11
772Xian Cao Mi Stella with a smaller dick11
773No hashname11
774No hashname11
777No hashname11
778No hashname11
779No hashname11
780No hashname11
781No hashname11
782No hashname11
783No hashname11
784No hashname11
785No hashname11
786No hashname11
788Shut The Fedora Up11
790No hashname11
7Village Idiot7630
7Cat Woman2260
8Cock Hudson6650
10Trailer Park Redneck5360
11Gerbils' Graveyard5280
12Pig Skin1610
18Johnny Wad4940
18My Mother's a Bitch920
20I love hose (I love hoes)830
21German STD830
22And She's Slow820
23Serbo Pussy570
24Bloody Vaginal Swab3550
24No hashname570
25What a Cunt550
26Tag Nut1140
26Buzzard Eagle3310
27Soon to be Fat520
30Abreast of the Situation510
31Penis Guytrap480
34Right Up My Passage2540
34Wet Dreams Come True500
36Fit Boy2400
36Ms. Eagle400
38Give Me Head390
39Gash Face Road Kill320
39Dr Love2300
42Why My Gay1770
43Vulture's Bastard Son1730
44Stinky Dyke Finger1690
44Poke Her Face260
45Sticky Tits260
48Anal Receptacle1240
49Winnie Chen260
50Jail Bait240
51Head Nurse240
52No hashname250
52Hsinchu Hash GM730
57Comes Faster than a Man220
59Nipple Guy850
62Drowning in cum410
63No hashname170
66No hashname230
67No hashname160
68Finger in My Box200
68No hashname780
69Begging for Cunt640
69I Luv Cum150
70No hashname150
70Benjamin Butthole610
71Who The Fuck Are You 2610
71No hashname170
72Cock Blocker140
74No hashname170
74Gay Pride Parade840
76Smells Like Piss610
76Lady Gagger130
77Likes it Limp200
78Anal Technology820
78No hashname180
79Fuck off550
80Thanks Hitler120
81No hashname120
81Michael Boobless910
82No hashname120
83Easy Victim120
84No hashname280
85Sticky Wicket110
86Camel with a Bigger Toe110
87Just Gay450
88Putin My Ass, Frog In My Throat120
88No hashname600
89Show Us your Tits580
90Maybe Next Time100
91No hashname110
92Big Suit360
92Twat Pocket100
94Gaza Stripper320
94No hashname100
95You know nothing Russian370
963 Dead Bitches370
97No hashname90
98No hashname300
98No hashname90
99No hashname80
99MC Stare Cunt270
100BJ Hareless (Formosa name DJ Vivien)110
101Spicy Connection80
101Shiao Pang260
102Tick Tock80
103No hashname250
104No hashname70
105Booble Plus110
105Fuck My Froggy Arse250
106No hashname70
106Incomplete Erection250
107No hashname120
108No hashname80
109No hashname60
110Kamikaze Muffdiver230
110No hashname60
111Cougar Bait290
112No hashname60
112No hashname240
113No hashname220
114Split Beaver260
115Who The Fuck Are You210
115No hashname60
116No hashname60
117No hashname60
117Garbage Man210
118No hashname50
120Sherpa Shagger50
121Gingerly Irrelevant180
121No hashname50
122No hashname230
122No hashname50
123No hashname50
124Bubba Spook430
124No hashname40
125Ass buds220
125No hashname40
126No hashname120
127No hashname40
127Alaskan Pipeline180
128Little Red Shitting Hood160
128No hashname40
129Shut up160
129Facebook Diarrhea70
130Comrade Chavez150
131Thanks Hitler40
1319 inch Stump300
132Nothing Special170
132No hashname50
133No hashname40
133Pubic Hare140
134No hashname40
135Sister Chin Kicker140
135No hashname40
136No hashname40
136Cock Rider150
137Come More Often40
137No hashname160
138No hashname40
138Low Hanging Fruit200
139Lost in space120
139No hashname40
140No hashname30
141No hashname30
142Come Slowly260
142No hashname30
143No hashname40
144No hashname40
144Chicken George130
145No hashname30
146No hashname50
146Better Fuck Off110
147Pleasant Pain, The Dick we like110
147No hashname30
148No hashname30
148No hashname100
149No hashname30
149Virgin Strap On120
150Cute Bitch130
150No hashname30
151No hashname30
151War and Peace of Shit110
152No hashname30
152No hashname90
153No hashname30
154No hashname40
155No hashname50
155No hashname70
157Who the fuck is Judy30
158No hashname70
158No hashname60
159500 Wubai80
159No hashname50
160Shagger with Saggers120
160Gay Shame780
161No hashname20
161Double Fister60
162No hashname20
163No hashname30
164No hashname80
164No hashname20
165No hashname20
165Tall Gay Cunt60
166No hashname20
167No hashname20
168No hashname50
168No hashname20
169No hashname50
169No hashname20
170Horny Mama40
171No hashname20
171No hashname50
172No hashname50
172No hashname20
173No hashname50
174No hashname40
174No hashname50
177No hashname20
177No hashname40
178No hashname20
179No hashname40
179No hashname20
180No hashname40
180No hashname20
181No hashname20
181No hashname40
182No hashname30
183No hashname20
183No hashname30
184No hashname20
184No hashname40
185End of Western Civilization30
186No hashname20
186Elisabeth taylor 70
187No hashname30
187No hashname30
188Bend Over Little Bitch30
188No hashname20
189No hashname20
189No hashname40
190No hashname20
190No hashname40
191Dildo Faggings20
191No hashname60
192No hashname20
193No hashname30
193No hashname20
194No hashname20
195No hashname30
195No hashname20
196No hashname40
196No hashname20
197No hashname40
197second hand job10
198No hashname50
198No hashname10
199Adolf Titler550
200Hazu Kashii30
200No hashname20
201Do Me Again30
201No hashname10
202No hashname20
202No hashname30
203Manchester Groper40
203No hashname10
204No hashname10
205No hashname30
205No hashname10
206Kim Gap Sue20
206sweet and furry10
207No hashname10
207Golden River30
208No hashname20
208No hashname10
209No hashname10
209No hashname20
210No hashname20
210No hashname10
211No hashname20
211No hashname10
212No hashname10
213No hashname20
213No hashname10
214No hashname40
214No hashname10
215No hashname10
215No hashname20
216No hashname20
216No hashname10
217No hashname20
217dude where's my bra260
218No hashname350
218No hashname10
219No hashname20
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220No hashname10
221No hashname20
221No hashname10
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223No hashname10
224no climax30
225No hashname20
225susukini poodle20
226No hashname20
226No hashname10
227No hashname20
228No hashname10
228King Kong Barbie20
229Dr. Shit Faced40
229No hashname10
230No hashname20
230No hashname10
231No hashname20
231No hashname20
232No hashname10
233No hashname10
233Ten Percent20
234No hashname20
234No hashname10
235No hashname120
235No hashname10
236In flight service10
236No hashname20
237Luben Tagen30
237Canton Clap20
238No hashname10
238No hashname60
239No hashname20
239No hashname10
241No hashname20
241No hashname10
242No hashname10
243No hashname10
243My Dad thinks I'm gay20
244madame butter fuck40
245No hashname10
245No hashname40
246No hashname20
246No hashname10
247No hashname20
247No hashname10
248No hashname10
248John Cunt Boy40
249No hashname10
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251gas mask50
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253No hashname20
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254No hashname20
255Bu Ka Ke10
255No hashname40
256No hashname10
257No hashname10
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259No hashname30
260No hashname20
260yah may day10
261No hashname20
261No hashname10
262No hashname20
262No hashname10
263shit mini10
264No hashname20
265Horny Hory Osaka50
265No hashname10
266No hashname10
267No hashname40
267No hashname10
268No hashname20
268No hashname10
269No hashname10
269No hashname30
270Destination Unknown90
270No hashname10
271No hashname20
271No hashname20
272No hashname10
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273No hashname10
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274No hashname10
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278fall flower 10
279No hashname10
279No hashname10
280Spider cat10
280No hashname10
282No hashname20
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283No hashname40
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288Child beater30
289tough crack to nut50
289No hashname10
290No hashname60
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292slotty something10
292Hardcore ParkWhore130
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295No hashname20
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300horny papa40
301No hashname40
301No hashname10
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303broken condom 10
304No hashname20
304sexy chicken70
305No hashname10
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311Knees Unnecessary10
311No hashname150
312No hashname10
312No hashname10
313No hashname20
313Car Dick10
314No hashname10
314No hashname30
315No hashname10
315No hashname10
316Domestic Violence10
317No hashname10
317No hashname20
318No hashname10
319No hashname20
319No hashname10
320good on top10
320No hashname10
321code poo10
321No hashname10
322two balls and one candle10
323No hashname30
324fuck you 20
324No hashname30
325Xiao Liu70
325garlic ass30
326No hashname10
327no kiss10
328No hashname10
329No hashname50
330No hashname70
330crazy hundred20
331No hashname10
331No hashname30
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335friend zoned80
335No hashname40
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340Short Fingers20
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345uncle please no850
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346No hashname30
347Dehli Belly20
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350Slow Coach10
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362A Slutty Something10
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365Goat Rooter80
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367No hashname10
367Sheila feela130
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376Gail Says No20
377Nipply's wet dream70
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392Ride my ass10
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394Mark Payne20
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413Lao Liu40
414Moans For more10
415one night chateau10
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460One night in Shenzhen 深圳20
460Pussy Control10
461Nothing down below 20
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475Shut The Fuck Up30
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486Boring English Cunt10
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