Down Island 2019

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Once a year!!! 一年一度!!! Great weekend which you don't want to miss it!!! 絕對精彩的週末!!! Fun, more fun & Drink!!! 除了開心還是開心,喝到掛是一定要的!!!

Same as every CH3 Run, but BETTER, more fun, & more special drinks 就和每週末的CH3 跑步一樣,但又更好玩 更多可以喝

Shut the fuck up!!! Sign up, Pay, Pack up, Get on party bus, Beer, Welcome party, Run, Vodka, Bashing, Dancing, Being naked, and again Party, Paintball, Run, Beer... then, Sweet home 快閉上你的嘴!!! 趕緊報名、繳費、打包、滾上趴踢巴士、生啤、歡迎趴踢、跑跑跑、伏特加、特別晚餐、跳舞、脫光光、然後再一次! 趴踢、漆彈戰、跑跑跑、台啤、.... 然後就不知不覺地回到家啦~~

11/2 Hares: Dick with Ears & Sheep Shagger 11/2 兔子:Dick with Ears & Sheep Shagger

11/3 Hares: Low Hanging Fruit & BARbarian 11/3 兔子:Low Hanging Fruit & BARbarian

Fees: NTD 4,500 per person 費用:每人 4,500元台幣 Including Saturday+Sunday runs, 2 bashes, 2 breakfasts, beers, vodkas, accommodation (2 nights), DI gift, paintball game with 100 bullets, pool party 包含週六和週日的亂、兩場晚宴、兩天早餐、啤酒、伏特加、兩晚住宿、神秘禮物、每人100發子彈的漆彈遊戲、泳池派對

Registration & payment deadline: 10/20 報名和繳費期限:10/20

Super easy to join the FABULOUS 2019 CH3 Down Island 1. Sign-up the event ( 2. Pay the fee, Pay the fee, Pay the fee 3. Get on party bus at 21:00 at Yuanshan mrt exit #2 on 11/1 只要完成以下簡單步驟就可參加精彩的 2019 CH3 Down Island 1. 完成報名 ( 2. 完成繳費 3. 11/1當天晚上9點在圓山捷運站2號出口上趴踢巴士 If having any special request, please list at wishes section or contact DIC (FB: Chien-Yu Huang) 若有特殊需求,請在心願欄位註明或聯絡 DIC (臉書帳號:Chien-Yu Huang)