Down Island 2020

Revenge of the Covid 19 – November 6-8th

Well, the commies thought that they’d beaten us this time, but no! Freedom still reigns on the China Hash and we are going down with each other again this year!
老共以為他們可以用病毒來打敗我們,事實證明沒有! 自由的精神仍然在台灣健龍,今年我們一樣還是要一起團聚慶祝!

Down Island 2020 is happening in Yilan county, November 6th to 8th.
今年Down Island將於11月6~8日在宜蘭舉辦

Early Bird Price: 4500 $NT ( until September 11th)
9月11日前早鳥費用: NTD 4500

Too pussy to ride the party bus and risk sleeping with other hashers?
Just join the run and bash for the normal price
Women女生: NT$200 (Run)
Men 男生: NT$250 (Run)
Bash 晚餐: NT$300ish

The runs are already recced and your hares, Ding Bu Dong & Hello Nurse and their co-hares are just raring to go!

As your GM is a functioning alcoholic, I mean enthusiast, expect the finest beers from Singapore as well as some locally brewed craft beer AND some stuff I made in my bathtub!

It’s going to be a fantastically drunken orgy of a weekend, so make sure that you don’t miss out!

Note: We do have a maximum capacity at the hotel, so make sure you fill out the sign-up form below and claim your place asap!
注意: 由於旅館房間數有限,請確保你填表單,已預留你的房位!

When? 何時?
We will be leaving on the party bus from Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT at 8:45pm on Friday night. Pre-bash (not included in DI price) will be put on for those who are willing!
我們將於11/6 (五) 晚上8:45從忠孝復興站離開

Where? 哪兒?
We will be running and drinking in Yilan county this year and staying in Wujie Township, Yilan.

Who? 誰?
Our Hares 兔子:
Ding Bu Dong 叮不懂
Big John 大約翰
Hello Nurse 哈嘍護士
Cunt Of The Litter 垃圾之王

How? 如何?
Party bus from Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT Station 派對巴士將於11/6(五) 晚上8:45pm 出發 (
Bus departs at 8.45 PM

How Much? 費用?
Early Bird Price 早鳥: 4500 NT$
Regular Price 一般費用: 4950 NT$
Make sure you pay Hash Cash or make a bank transfer AFTER you filled in the registration form!
請確保你填完報名表後,將費用付給Hash Cach後,才是確實完成報名!

  • What you get 你將會得到:
  • Transport to Yilan and to runs & bash 台北/宜蘭來回交通
  • Shared Accommodation 共鋪房間
  • Breakfast Saturday & Sunday 周六及周日的早餐
  • Bash Saturday & Sunday 週六及周日的晚餐
  • Down Island 2020 Gift 特別禮物
  • Post-run snacks 跑步後的補給食物
  • Beer & non-beer refreshments 酒精及非酒精的飲料
  • (Lunch not included) 費用不包含中餐