AIR 2019 + CH3 H4 Joint Run

3 steps to Register:
1. Read AIR event info carefully
2. Click the register link and fill-up the form (
3. Finish payment via bank transfer or to CH3 hash cash

1. 仔細看AIR活動內容
2. 點擊報名連結完成報名 (
3. 轉帳或付給CH3 哈噓金庫團 完成繳費

Run Date: 4/20/2019
活動日期: 2019年4月20日

Register deadline: 3/15/2019
報名最後期限: 2019年3月15日

Organiser : China Hash House Harriers

Hare: Mijo Slut
Co-Hares: Mountain Pig, Big John, Lick a Spick

Hares off: 13:00
兔子起跑時間: 13:00

Location: Tongxiao, Miaoli
起跑點: 苗栗通霄迴鄉驛站

google map:

This Time!!!! CH3 is going to host AIR, you know it will be GREAT GREAT & GREAT!!!!

AIR 2019 will be hosted by China Hash House Harriers and their newly elected Grandmaster Drowning in Cum.
這次的 AIR 2019 將由台灣健龍新當選的Grand Master, Drowning in Cum 帶領 CH3 舉辦~

The run features some beautiful NEW trails in the rolling hills of Miaoli county hared by none other than the founder of AIR, Mijo Slut himself .
路線是由 AIR 創始人- Mijo Slut 親自在AIR發源地 “苗栗通霄” 開拓一條新的連綿山丘美徑

China Hash promises to provide a superlative AIR experience with goody packs featuring a classic, must-have running vest and sarongs as an optional extra. (provided we have enough orders)
台灣健龍承諾帶給大家一個最好的 AIR 紀念品,包含經典必備的跑步背心,及可自由加購 AIR 沙龍裙 (若訂購量達最低訂購數量)

There are Long & Short options… Both are A to B run, and A, B are not close… If you are going to drive to there, please think about how to get back to A.

Option A: AIR only is 1,400 NTD including BUS, RUN, DOWN DOWN, BEER, WATER, SNACKs, AIR VEST, and BASH
選項A: 只參加AIR 費用為 1,400 新台幣,包括趴踢巴士、跑步、噹噹、啤酒、水、小點、AIR紀念背心和晚宴

Option B: AIR + Sarong is 1,900 NTD, including BUS, RUN, DOWN DOWN, BEER, WATER, SNACKs, AIR VEST, BASH, and AIR sarong
選項B: 參加AIR 且加購沙龍 費用為 1,900 NTD,包括趴踢巴士、跑步、噹噹、啤酒、水、小點、晚宴、AIR紀念背心和AIR沙龍裙
** Sarong order deadline is 2/20
** 沙龍最後加購日為 2/20

Option C: AIR + CH3/H4 Joint Run is 3,300 NTD including 4/20 HOTEL, BUS, 2 RUNs, 2 DOWN DOWNs, BEERs, WATER, SNACKs, AIR VEST, AIR SARONG and 2 BASHes
選項C: 參加AIR和聯合跑 費用為 3,300 NTD,包括 4/20住宿、趴踢巴士、跑步*2、噹噹*2、啤酒、水、小點、巴噓*2、AIR紀念背心和AIR沙龍裙

Register: 報名:
click the link to submit your rego 點擊以下連結填寫報名表單


Who’s Cumming


Apr 20 2019 - Apr 21 2019


12:00 pm - 8:00 am


1400 NTD-3300 NTD

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