Chinese Valentine’s Day in Yangmingshan

As you all know, the past 8/7 (7/7 in Chinese Calendar) was the celebration of the Chinese Valentine’s Day. This day commemorates the love story between Zhinu (also known as the Weaver Girl, symbolizing the star Vega) and Niulang (also known as the Cowherd, symbolizing the star Altair). Their love was not allowed, so they were banished to opposite sides of the heavenly river (symbolizing the Milky Way). Once a year, on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, a flock of magpies would form a bridge to reunite the lovers for one day.

Since in China Hash House Harriers we never want to miss an opportunity to show our love for running and drinking and also, to commemorate the Chinese Valentine’s Day, the hares have prepared a fantastic run in Yangmingshan.

You think you know Yangmingshan? Think again! Come check out the secret spots and hidden trails that the hares have lovingly curated for you. 8km A-A. Stunning views. A Beer Check. Runnable trails. Water features and the usual splendid array of jungle, agriculture, shiggy and quirky sights that you can expect from a TeenVolf/Slobbo Tamer run. And a Love Bridge to honor the reunion of the beer lovers. Oh, and a PUBLIC SWIMMING POOL at the run-finish – clear, clean, cold, fresh mountain-spring water. Bring your swimsuits and a few coins to swim. No beers in the pool though.
The Bash Place is a thirty second walk from Down Downs, and right next to the bus stop back to town… Plan to stay!
你認為你很了解陽明山嗎? 確定? 這周兔子們為大家精心策畫秘密地點和隱藏小徑 – A到A,一個啤酒點,8公里美麗越野跑徑。 河水與叢林、農地、有點陡、古怪景點等等,都是TeenVolf/Slobbo Tamer做路的必要元素。最後將有一個愛橋讓兔友們和啤酒重聚。喔喔 ,還有個大眾泳池在終點等你(但不能帶酒去泳池)! 晚餐地點距離Down Down 30秒,而且就在回市區的公車站旁。讓你放心留下和我們吃頓飯!

Qianshan Park, Shamao, Road Beitou, 陽明山前山公園

Sunday August 18th, 2019
Hares off at 2:30PM 兔子2:30起跑

There are several options to get to the run start:
1. From Jiantan MRT Station: Walk 400m to Mingchuan University Bus Stop and take the #260 Shuttle. Get off at MTC Bus Yangmingshan Stop, then walk to Qianshan Park.
1. 從劍潭捷運站,走400公尺到銘傳大學公車站,搭260,在大都會客運陽明山站下車,走到陽明山前山公園
2. From Shiling MRT Station: Walk 300m to Shilin Official Residence (Zhongshan) and take the #260 Shuttle. Get off at MTC Bus Yangmingshan Stop, then walk to Qianshan Park.
2. 從士林捷運站,走300公尺到士林官邸(中山)公車站,搭260,在大都會客運陽明山站下車,走到陽明山前山公
3. From Beitou MRT Station: Take the #230 and get off at Teacher Center bus Station, then walk to Qianshan Park.
3. 從北投捷運站,搭230,在教師中心站下車,走到陽明山前山公園
4. Form Shipai MRT Station: Take the #128 and get off at Xinhuifang Bus Station, then walk to Qianshan Park.
4. 從石牌捷運站,搭128,在新薈芳站下車,走到陽明山前山公園
TAXI POOL from Beitou, Shilin or Jiantan MRT Stations (faster option)

RUN UP with the Flasher!!!

**Bash Location* 晚餐地點

Hare 主兔: Slobbo Tamer (Sue)
CoHare 副兔: TeenVolf (Thilo)

**Cold beers will be waiting for you at the finish line!
Harriers: 250 NTD
男友: 250 NTD
Harriettes: 200 NTD
女友: 200 NTD

1- First time runners! Bring a change, set of clean clothes and shoes. Trail might be muddy, crossing rivers may happen, and hares are responsible if it is raining. (Blame them during the down-downs)
2- hashers bringing first time runners, please, be in charge to babysit them along the trail.
3- It is recommended to 1st Time runners to bring their Cellphone on the trail.
4- This is a running event, it may include trails, climbing, snakes … runners are informed they are RESPONSIBLE for their OWN safety. Late Walkers/Runners will be rescued if missing at the finish line…
5- Eat before to join to avoid low blood sugar pressure
6- this event is including alcoholic beverages, please be responsible and don’t drive
1- 第一次來參加的兔友們,請攜帶更換的衣服及鞋子。路線可能會泥濘,也有可能會穿越一些河。如果下雨的話,就怪兔子吧(你可以在down down時唸他們一下)!!
2- 帶第一次來跑的兔友們,請自行負責照顧你的朋友!
3- 我們建議第一次來跑的朋友們,帶著你的手機一起跑,以備不時之需
4- 這是一個跑山的活動,這代表會有未開發的小徑、攀岩、蛇等等,參加者自行對自身安全負責。遲到或是走比較慢的兔友,我們如果發現你沒回到終點,我們會去找你。
5- 參加此活動前,請確保你來之前吃些東西,避免低血糖血壓狀況發生
6- 這是一個提供酒精飲料的活動,喝酒不開車,開車不喝酒!


Aug 18 2019


2:30 pm - 11:55 pm


250 MEN, 200 WOMEN

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