Le Tour de NeiHu run (A-to-A)

Le Tour de Neihu

Scouring history reveals the only real brave, heroic Frenchmen were Asterix de Gaul and his trusty oaf, Obelix- who valiantly resisted the Roman Empire and fought for the freedom and pride of the French nation……
The only problem with this is that they are both fictional, comic book characters…..pretty sad when you think about it..
Anyway, our own Gallic comic book Frenchmen, Ménage à Twat and Beastie Boy Toy will be trying to restore some French pride this Sunday as they lead us on an excellent Tour de Neihu.

Starting from Dahu Park, expect the following: great trails, lovely views, 90% trails and a total of 300m elevation…….there will be no dangerous elements to the run as, well, the hares are French…and danger is not really their thing…..indeed, there may be wine and cheese…..C’est la vie!!

(Culture Point: Picture adapted from “Asterix et Obelix”, Highly popular French comic’s book. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asterix)


法國家喻戶曉的阿斯泰利克斯歷險記故事中,揭示了英勇的法國人阿斯泰利克斯和他的忠心好夥伴奧貝利克斯,他們勇敢抵抗羅馬帝國,為法國民族的自由和驕傲而奮鬥… 唯一的問題是,當你知道他們只是漫畫裡的虛擬人物,難免覺得可惜…

然而! 我們CH3裡面的高盧法國人「Ménage à Twat」和「Beastie Boy Toy」本周將會藉由帶領我們到內湖來個環內湖大賽,試圖扳回一些身為法國人的驕傲!

我們將從大湖公園出發,你將會看到: 超棒越野跑徑、超美景色、90%越野及一個300高的坡…. 途中將沒有危險的路段,你知道老法的…. 他們不愛危險… 確定的是,我們將會有葡萄酒和起司在終點等著大家! 這就是人生啊!

阿斯泰利克斯歷險記 故事介紹 http://bit.ly/2uilsG9

Start will be at Dahu park, walk to the public bathroom after the Moon Bridge.

Sunday, March 24th. Hares are off at 2 PM !

Accessible from public transportation. Be Bleu-Blanc-Rouge (or just Green), take MRT, Brown Line, DaHu Park Station. (<— too many colors in this sentence! WTF myself!)

Hare: Ménage à Twat (Mathieu Gauthier)
Co-Hare: Beastie Boy Toy (Adrien Lefebvre)
主兔: Ménage à Twat
副兔: Beastie Boy Toy

**Bash Location** 晚餐地點
You all know the one! Walk 2min37 sec to the Bash between DaHu park MRT Station and NeiHu MRT Station
For the retards: No. 305, Section 4, Chenggong Road, Neihu District, Taipei City, 114


**Cold beers will be waiting for you at the finish line!
Harriers: 250 NTD
男友: 250 NTD
Harriettes: 200 NTD
女友: 200 NTD

1- First time runners! Bring a change, set of clean clothes and shoes. Trail might be muddy, crossing rivers may happen, and hares are responsible if it is raining. (Blame them during the down-downs)
2- hashers bringing first time runners, please, be in charge to babysit them along the trail.
3- It is recommended to 1st Time runners to bring their Cellphone on the trail.
4- This is a running event, it may include trails, climbing, snakes … runners are informed they are RESPONSIBLE for their OWN safety. Late Walkers/Runners will be rescued if missing at the finish line…
5- Eat before to join to avoid low blood sugar pressure
6- this event is including alcholic beverages, please be reponsible and don’t drive

1- 第一次來參加的兔友們,請攜帶更換的衣服及鞋子。路線可能會泥濘,也有可能會穿越一些河。如果下雨的話,就怪兔子吧(你可以在down down時唸他們一下)!!
2- 帶第一次來跑的兔友們,請自行負責照顧你的朋友!
3- 我們建議第一次來跑的朋友們,帶著你的手機一起跑,以備不時之需
4- 這是一個跑山的活動,這代表會有未開發的小徑、攀岩、蛇等等,參加者自行對自身安全負責。遲到或是走比較慢的兔友,我們如果發現你沒回到終點,我們會去找你。
5- 參加此活動前,請確保你來之前吃些東西,避免低血糖血壓狀況發生
6- 這是一個提供酒精飲料的活動,喝酒不開車,開車不喝酒!


Mar 24 2019


2:00 pm - 11:55 pm

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