The Erection Run!!!! Gay Shame and DIC!! VOTE VOTE VOTE!!


Hares兔子: Gay Shame and(和) DIC


After 10 years plus of benevolent dictatorship with all the benefits that system brings- great Sundays, financial stability (of a sort), fantastic Down Islands, and so much more- the China Hash will be experimenting once more with democracy….
延續台灣健龍十幾年的傳統…不營利的團體卻帶給跑友們每周日的歡樂時光,穩定的財務狀況,令人回味無窮的Down Island之旅…這周末即將到來的年度民主大事…選舉會長!

And who can forget the joys democracy brought in the past? Dogs elected GM, GMs so unfit for office they quit half way through the year, a hash reduced to a rump of runners with no money, no down islands, no beer truck, marching inexorably towards a sad, miserable death…..but hey ho! Let’s do it again and VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!
民主也曾經帶來慘劇的! 曾經票選狗狗當會長,曾經會長做到一半辭職不幹,曾經小貓二三隻,也曾經窮到沒Down Island之旅,沒啤酒車…頻臨倒會! 盡管如此….讓我們再來玩一次這民主遊戲吧!

On Sunday you will have the choice of 2 contenders:本周日有兩位會長候選人

Drowning in Cum and(和) Arthur You Fag

Seems like an easy choice but let’s not take anything for granted- Trump happened, Brexit happened, so………Make sure you come out Sunday and help the CH3 move forward the right way!!!!

Of course, prior to the Grand Erection, there will be a nice 6km trail run from Nangang Park, hared by outgoing GM Gay Shame and new…er sorry…….contender for GM, DIC!!!

FREE BASH : if you have 10 plus runs in 2018!!!!!
今年跑次超過10次以上者~ FREE BASH!!


Nangang Park南港公園


MRT Blue Line Kunyang Station Exit1- flour from here

Drivers: DON”T BE SILLY!!


Coz peopled died so you could vote, you ungrateful bastards…so get out and VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dec 16 2018


2:00 pm - 12:00 pm


250 MEN, 200 WOMEN

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