Frequently Asked Questions

Really? You really ask that question? Go Wikipedia , clickhere.
We run every Sunday afternoon. Typically the hares are off at 2:30pm. Locations vary across northern Taiwan. Have a look at this weeks run page for details.
We run EVERY Sunday,
The hares will always make sure that there is a way for non-drivers to get to the run start. Either we have a chartered bus (advance sign up required) or there is public transportation available (sometimes plus a short taxi ride). Check this weeks run page for details.
Price for the hash run is currently NT$250 for men, NT$200 for women. This includes drinks (Beer, water, sports drinks) and a few snacks. If you sign up for the chartered bus, it’s an extra NT$300.
Bring a change of clothes. After a run you are typically wet from sweat and/or water, potentially dirty and sometimes cold. We charter a beer truck for every run, so there’s a place to put your stuff during the run. Also, bring your pretty sister / handsome brother.
Yes. First we have down downs (aka circle). This is an integral part of a hash run. After the down downs we go for the bash. That’s food and drinks and optional. The bash usually costs NT$450 plus/minus NT$50. Note that the chartered bus will only return to Taipei city after the bash.
Anybody except racists, sexists, rapists and other assholes. We are a pretty mixed bunch of people of all kinds of ages, genders, sexual orientations and nationalities. If you can’t deal with that, you’d better sit in a cave or something.
Not really. The CH3 has a proud tradition of having challenging runs (as opposed to other hashes) and you should be able to walk up and down hills for about two hours without collapsing. But we have a wide spectrum of fast and slow runners and the focus of a hash run is not the physical excercise.
We run bloody everywhere. You name it, we run it. Forest, road, agriculture, rivers, hills, beaches, houses, railroad bridges, tunnels, whatever. That’s one of the beauties of the hash.
We don’t really encourage attendance of children on the hash for two reasons: firstly it might be dangerous for them and secondly they will be exposed to explicit language during down downs. But we still have a few runners bringing their children and we stop nobody from doing so. It’s your responsibility.
Yes, one more thing. We don’t permit the taking of photographs during down downs. It inhibits the free expression of ideas and results in boredom. Only the official Hash Flash can take photos during down downs and will publish the appropriate ones on Facebook. There are no limitations before the run, on trail and during the bash. Please respect this one rule we have.