Ride the Cotton Pony – February 2017

Hello my much beloved and beguiling hashers and Harrietts!

Month 2 of my tyrannical reign is now behind us and sure hasn’t it been only wonderful?… Yeah well fuck you too!

I planned on starting my monthly cycle reports at the end of January but found myself quite hungover and more than a little exhausted from the whole affair. So much like an unnamed hasher’s girlfriend this month who refused to take her pill in an acceptable time frame lets just be happy it came at all and not fret too much on the lateness!

Run #2172

Our February began with run #2172 just outside the Maokong Gondola station, hared by Bullseye & Steel Asshole. 1st Man in was I love Hoes and FBI went to the Leash. The run was a cool 7.7k according to my GPS and for my money was run of the month. Everything came together for a perfect day of hashing, the rain held off, Down Downs were inside the Bash place, loads of virgins came out to play and we got to say fuck off to Just Joyce whose most memorable contribution to CH³ was almost dying in a futile attempt to do both long and short on Weeping Pussy’s Yanmingshan run.
A fucking awesome turn out of 66 runners was great to see and with a beautiful runnable trail, excellently marked, no one was left disappointed.

Run #2173

Menage A Twat led us up the old trails of Shenkang for a 5k, all runnable trail, cohared by yours truly. The run featured beautiful bamboo forests, ropes down steep cliffs, hand made bamboo bridges and some disgusting abattoir run off water. Rocketman caught the hares and was so happy with himself that he did the run 17 more times before down downs finished.

We all snuck a lift in the beer truck down to the bash leaving the hare who was chalking the way as the last one to arrive.

Run #2174

Jo Chi, Sexy Chicken haring for the first time with CH³ laid down a challenge to the dragons saying he could not be caught on his 12k trail winding through the ridgeline behind National Palace museum.

Taking up the charge I announced a prize for any hashers who could claim the virgin hare and let everyone leave 2.5 minutes early as is my prerogative. He was duly caught by The Real Corey Lewandowski.

Phuc Mi 2 cam over from Vietnam to join the run but failed to podium, perhaps because she was to distracted by Homo Hobo on trail.

We had 88 Hashers out enjoying the unseasonable warm weather and Downs Downs, if I do say so myself were fucking awesome.

Run #2175

Sloppy Seconds and The Real Corey Lewandowski led the Mardi Gras run. From Yuanshan down the landing approach lane for Songshan airport and up Jiantanshan coming down through the Grand Palace Hotel.

Litterered throughout the trail were Mardi Gras masks for lucky runners to find. I found two myself and was rewarded with a craft beer. We had Bourbon Down Downs and got ourselves rightly sauced.

A veritable feast of craft beers was provided by the hares, TM and Hash Cash and after Down Downs were rudely interupted by a convoy of lost beer trucks we scampered to Maji for a very untraditional bash in a craft beer shop.

On After was in Yuanshan’s oldest bar, My Place where I managed by some fluke to be unbeaten at pool for several hours. All the while wishing I could just sit down and drink my pint. We dispersed to catch the last MRT home.

All in all this month was a blast. February is not an easy month to host runs with people being busy with holidays and the weather traditionally not being condusive to high turn outs but we got there. On On to March where we have the St Patricks Day Run, Operation Cock and Awe and several other incredible events coming our way.


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