Run #2168 – The Russian Christmas Run

— Attention: Run start is at 2.00pm —-
大家注意! 兔子 2.00pm 起跑

** WHAT? 啥咪? **

All glory to your Beast Runner overlords for filling in this week with a Dingpu run to celebrate Рождество Христово Rozhdestvo Khristovo, or Russian Chrstimas. Unlike the rest of his political party, The Real Cory Lewandowski will not be comprised by the Russian Federation of Little Shivering into any more poor ideas this year. The trail is rough, runnable, climbable and full of surprises. It is A to B. Follow the flour to a real fucking tank to start the run, hares off at 2:00.

It is A to B!!
It is A to B!!

China Hash 好玩的一點 就是有慶祝不完的活動!!
本周 我們要慶祝的是蘇俄的聖誕節!! (東正教的聖誕節
路線將由美俄兩國的快腿兔子(Real Cory Lewandowski
& Sasha) 在頂埔捷運站 為各位兔友帶來一個原始 充滿驚喜可跑的捷運路線

這次的跑步是A to B!!!!
這次的跑步是A to B!!!!

** WHERE? 地點? **
Flour from MRT Dingpu Station Exit 2
Walk 500 metets

**HOW? 怎麼? **
Take the MRT to Dingpu Station, then follow the flour from Exit 2 to A (about 500 meters walk)
麵粉從頂埔捷運站 2號出口開始

**DRIVERS 開車**
Be green, take the MRT!

**BASH 晚餐**

** LOST?? 迷路?? **
Call the Hare
Cory: 0979711974
Cory: 0979711974

** NEXT WEEK! 下週**
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