Run #2175 – The Mardi Gras Run

This Week, freshly back from the Tarawera Ultra, The Real Cory Lewandowski, and Sloppy Seconds, have organized a Red Liner 10km Special for MARDI GRAS 2017.

No work on Monday. Guaranteed more than one check. Craft beer awards for those with some hashing skill, and a few surprises along the way. Easiest hash ever to get to. There’s a fantastic afterparty, so pack your dancing shoes and get ready to go hard.

Did I mention no work on Monday?

** WHERE? 地點? **
Yuenshan MRT Stn Exit 2
Map Point here:

**HOW? 怎麼? **
Follow the flour a 3 min walk from Yuenshan Exit 2.

Follow The Hares for an 18 cm beer walk.

**Lost Call The Hare**
The Real Cory Lewandowski : O979711974 (but don’t call me)
Sloppy Seconds: XOXOXOXXX

**Spring Run Schedule**
2/26 – Sloppy Seconds/The Real Cory L – YuenShan MRT Exit 2
3/5 – Cam WASP – Dazer MRT Stn(大直捷運站)
3/12 – Trailer Park Redneck – MaoKong MRT Stn(貓空捷運站)
3/19 – Dump-N-Run -St. Patrick’s Day – JianNan Stn
3/25 – a day of solemn reflection
3/26 – Shinju Hash GM – HsiCher Stn

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