Run #2176 – The Grape of Sweden

Cam With a Bigger Penis, and Asshole Protector bring You THE GRAPE OF SWEDEN. Good Quality Trails, and Historic Temples. come Enjoy, a Good Sunny Afternoon and THE GRAPE OF SWEDEN.

** WHERE? 地點? **
JinRei Park, in Neihu: 金瑞治水園區
Google Map Point:

**HOW? 怎麼? **
A 10min walk from Neihu Station Exit 1.

Follow the Hare. A 5 min walk from the run start/finish
Google Map Point:

**Lost Call The Hare**
Anders, Cam With A Bigger Penis: 0984317306

**Spring Schedule**
3/5 – Cam WASP/AHole Protector – Neihu MRT Stn Exit 1
3/12 – Trailer Park Redneck – MaoKong MRT Stn(貓空捷運站)
3/19 – Dump-N-Run -St. Patrick’s Day – JianNan Stn(劍南捷運站)
3/25 – a day of solemn reflection
3/26 – Shinju Hash GM – HsiCher Stn
4/2 – Dr. Vagina Face – Airport MRT Run – A10 Shanbi Stn
4/9 – Arthur’s Back Door- NuanNuan Train Run

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