Run #2178 – The St. Patrick’s Day Run

Wear Green!

He’s only been GM 3 months and already he has a mountain named after him. Let Ding Bu Dong and Dump’N’Run lead you up to altitude in a quest for the leprachaun’s hidden treasure on Dingshan.

Riddle filled clues posted throughout the week will help guide you to the treasure bring it back to Down Downs to claim your prize!

Wear Green…

** WHERE? 地點? **
DingShan Mountain about 5km up the valley from the Palace Museum.
The Run Start is at:
The Wild Chicken Shack
02 2841 2439
Map Point:

**HOW? 怎麼? **
-1:20pm Bus M1 from Shilin MRT Stn Exit 1

-1:30pm Taxi Pool from Shilin MRT Stn Exit 1
Tell the taxi driver: 全成土雞城 (have Your google maps open before you get in the Taxi)

Bubba’s Wild Chicken Shack
02 2841 2439

**Lost Call The Hare**
DingBuDong: 0900013266
Dump-N-Run 0933200781

Dump-N-Run 0933200781

**Spring Schedule**
3/19 – Dump-N-Run DingBuDong -St. Patrick’s Day -DingSan- Bus M1.
3/25 – THIS SATURDAY -Mission Cock and Awe – Shinju Hash Special Run
3/26 – Shinju Hash GM – HsiCher Stn
4/2 – Dr. Vagina Face – Airport MRT Run – A10 Shanbi Stn
4/9 – Arthur’s Back Door- NuanNuan Train Run

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