Run #2179 – The Greasy Turk Run

SINCHU HASH GM wants to take you on the run of your dreams in Dream Lake! For anyone who saw the hare’s Birthday Hash photos, you’ll know he takes the term ‘Jia you’ a little too literally. This slippery beast has even roped in virgin hare HOBOPHOBE to lubricate him as he runs. If this is all getting you a little hot under the collar, rest assured, the run is going to be a scenic 8km, taking in the lush sights of Dream Lake and Xin Mountain. A Sunday spent chasing an oiled-up Turk up a mountain? Hey, we never said the dream was going to be a GOOD dream…

** WHERE? 地點? **
221, New Taipei City, Xizhi District, 新北市汐止區汐萬路三段(柯子林茶莊後面)

**HOW? 怎麼? **
Take the MRT to Nangang Exhibition Centre MRT Station, Exit 6, for a taxi pool to the run. The taxi will cost about $75NT/person

Another option for taxi pool is from Xike train station up to the Dream lake about 6km. 從汐科火車站搭小黃,至少省100元.

For the masochists, there is a Youbike station along the way:


**Lost Call The Hare**


**Spring Schedule**
4/2 – Dr. Vagina Face – Airport MRT Run (A10 Shanbi Stn)
4/9 – Arthur’s Back Door- NuanNuan Train Run

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