Run #2188 – A run you can’t refuse

WHAT? 啥咪?

A Fantastic Run by one of the Best Hares Ever. Carrier, AKA The God Father produced a 50km Solomon race in this same area last year. He has take the Best Of Trails from that race and produced a Special CH3 Run. Don’t miss this one…

WHERE? 地點?

In the rolling hills and lake district above Daxi Town near Taiwan’s ChiHu Lake and CKS’s final resting place.
Run Start is here:

HOW? 怎麼?

Ride the GM’s Magic Party Bus of Course!!!
Wite “BUS ME” or “I WANT THE GM TO DO ME” on this post to Sign-Up.


Flour starts at the interesection of Route 7 and Route 59 above Daxi town. Take the 3rd freeway.
Run Start is here:


Follow the Hare

LOST?? 迷路??

Lost? or Have lots of money you want to give away?
Call the Hare!
Carrier, AKA, THE GOD FATHER: 0933208276

Up Coming Run/Events 下週

5/28 – Carrier – Daxi Special Bus Run -大溪
6/4 – The Real Cory Lewendowski -DingPu 頂埔
6/11- Mr. Sausage – DongHu 東湖
6/18 – BubbaSpook -Taiwan Cultureal College- YMS 陽明山文化大學
6/25-Tache Toddler Toucher – YMS, PingDongLin
7/2 – Canada Day Beach Run -Baisawan Beach 白沙灣

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