Run #2189 – The P P P P P Poker Run

WHAT? 啥咪?

Two World Class Runners and Super Dorks, The Real Cory and Just Alix, lead us on a Gambling Run with various Risks and Challenges, as well as Valuable Poker Cards at the Checks. Come in with the best poker hand to win.

WHERE? 地點?

Wanfang Community MRT Stn next to Muzha, U Knuckel Head. Who would waste time with a bus anyway?


Be Green Baby


Follow the Hare
跟著兔子 去吃只有在地人知道的私房餐廳

LOST?? 迷路??

Lost? or Have lots of money you want to give away?
Call the Hare!
Cory – 0979711974

迷路?? 這樣還迷路??

有考慮不要來跑步了 改去划龍舟嗎??
好啦 真的迷路 請打電話給兔子
Cory – 0979711974

Up Coming Run/Events 下週

6/11- Mr. Sausage – DongHu 東湖
6/18 – BubbaSpook -Taiwan Cultural College- YMS 陽明山文化大學
6/25-Tache Toddler Toucher – YMS, PingDongLin
7/2 – Canada Day Beach Run -Baisawan Beach 白沙灣

Our Hares

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