Run #2200

— Attention: Run start is at 2.30pm —-
大家注意! 兔子 2.30pm 起跑

WHAT? 啥咪?
Catman is a sad man. He should be happy, but he is not. He loves his wife. He loves his daughter. He loves his cats. And yet – there is a hole. A tear. A huge gaping gash in his life. Five years ago, the China Hash gave birth to an illegitimate child and he was forced forever to choose between his mother hash and the New Taipei Hash. Every Sunday, each step he takes on their trails is like a knife in his sole. But he has a solution! For one week only, these estranged relatives will come together to drink, laugh, and insult each other. It will be just like old times.

For the bargain price of $150NT for women and $200NT for men, you can experience all the magic of a China Hash run, plus all the mayhem and humiliation of a New Taipei Hash run. There will be a long AND a short run, hilarious down downs from Big John, potentially hilarious down downs from Catman and Co. and a glorious seaside bash with views of Turtle Island. Plus, your excellent GM has organized a party bus, which means you only have to drag your drunk arses from the door of the bash to the door of the bus. Just make sure you get on the right one! Otherwise, we might not see you until the next reunion run…

WHEN? 什麼時候? Когда?
Sunday, August 20th 2017
Hares are off at 2:30pm!

8月 20號 兔子下午2:30起跑

WHERE? 地點?
Geng Fang Elementary School, Guishan, Ilan
梗枋國小 龜山 宜蘭

HOW? 怎麼?
Get on the party bus! The bus will leave from Zhongxiao Fuxing, Exit 2, at 12pm.
Sign up by writing “bus me” on the Facebook page

忠孝復興 二號出口
12pm 出發
在 FB 寫 “Bus Me” 就好

You can also take a train directly to Guishan Station. The run start is only a 10 minute walk from the station.

#4178 leaves Main Station 11.34, arrives Guishan 13.13
#4182 leaves Main Station 12.32, arrives Guishan 14.25

Trains BACK
#4211 leaves Guishan 18.20, arrives Main Station 20.27
#4221 leaves Guishan 19.22, arrives Main Station 21.33
#4241 leaves Guishan 21.16, arrives Main Station 23.15

Take the No. 3, then the No. 5 highway out to Ilan. When you get to Toucheng, follow the coast north (Long Dong / Fulong direction) towards Guishan. The school will be on your left, and there is parking at the school.

Flour for drivers will begin from the Lan Yang Museum (the big cool triangle thing).

IMPORTANT! Between 3pm and 8pm, you will not be allowed on the No. 5 highway unless you have at least 3 people in your car. So we suggest you stay for the bash

走國道3號和國道5號前往頭城鎮的頭城交流道出口。從國道5號的 30-頭城 號出口下交流道


注意!! 3pm 到 8pm 車內三個人一上才可以開國道5號
所以你們最好留 bash

Opposite the school – you can make it!

LOST?? 迷路??
Call the hare:
PUSSY VINDALOO: 0983-762-720
CATMAN: 0935-737-271

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