Run #2201 – The Sexy Schoolgirl Run

Back to School with Principal Pain: The Sexy Schoolgirl Run!


Hare: DWE

Date: August 27

Time: 2.30pm

Location: Land God Temple, Sanxia, Jian An Road

Next Monday the summer holidays end and Taiwan goes back to school.

To celebrate, DWE aka Principal Pain will school you on the art of pulling a run from your arse after being given 7 days to do so.

Lesson 1: Pick a good start location with cover, toilets, water, good scenery, and a stupendous swimming hole.

Lesson 2: Put together a run in one reccy that contains enough variations on an old theme to keep it interesting and highly runnable.

Lesson 3: Introduce students to a variety of local scenery including tea fields, betel nut plantations, streams, forested trails, and epic views.

Female students will be assessed on their school uniforms by the school board of governors.

Sexiest Schoolgirl will win a FREE BASH!!!

Class Dismissed!

Map Link to Start:

Directions: Turn into Jian An Road off the 110 linking Xindian and Sanxia and drive all the way to the Land God Temple opposite the huge cemetery.

Taxi Pool from Xindian City Office MRT Exit 1 at 1.45pm

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