Run #2202 – The Wild Monkey Run

WHAT? 啥咪?
Run the historic upper hills of Tansui with 9″Stump and Dr. Shit Faced.

Join the Taxi Pool with the GM from Tamsui MRT Stn at 1:30pm to the run start.

WHERE? 地點?
三空泉休閒農場, “The 3 Empty Springs Farm” located 4km from Tamsui Station. Use North 4, (DengGong Rd) from Tamsui stn. Google Map Point Here:

Address: 251, Taiwan, New Taipei City, Tamsui District, 坪頂里三空泉18號

BASH >> 晚餐
At the Run Start

LOST?? 迷路??
Call the hare:
Nine Inch Stump: 0905376390
Phone at the Bash/run start : +886 2 8626 2339

Up Coming Run/Events 下週
9/10- The Leash – Iron Midget – Shimon – BUS
9/17- Small Potential -YMS Bayen
9/24- Mr. Wang – Airport MRT
10/1- Low Hanging Fruit -HsinChu
10/8- Arthur You Fag – TBA
10/15- Split Beaver – HuTouShan
10/20 – Down Island – Puli
10/21 – Down Island – Puli – Sasha in Training
10/22 – Down Island Puli – Dick With Ears, Sheep Shagger

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