Run # 2204 – The Bayan Hot Spring Run

WHAT? 啥咪?
Run Terraces and Forest of the Bayan, on Yangminshan, then explore the many river pools and waterfalls of the area.

Take Bus 1717 from JianTan MRT Station, or one of the other major stops. Bus Scedule is here:

WHERE? 地點?
The Bayan Hot Spring, is a heavily terraced and forested area on Yangminshan, famous for it’s natural water pools and hot springs. Use Google maps to see the run start location Here:

At the Bayan Hot Springs.

LOST?? 迷路??
Call the hare:
Small Potential: 0972340165
Arthur U Fag: 0932002776

Up Coming Run/Events 下週
9/17- Small Potential, Aruther U Fag -YMS Ba Aan
9/24- Mr. Wang – Airport MRT
10/1- Low Hanging Fruit -HsinChu
10/8- Arthur You Fag – TBA
10/15- Split Beaver – HuTouShan
10/20 – Down Island – Puli
10/21 – Down Island – Puli – Sasha in Training
10/22 – Down Island Puli – Dick With Ears, Sheep Shagger

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