Run #2205 – Homerotic Tendancies

WHAT? 啥咪?
Veteran Hare, Homersexual, guides us back to the purple line for 8km of rolling hills and easy running.

Be Green take MRT to Shanbi from Taipei Main Station
**Remember Walk from Blue/Red Line to purple is about 1km**

WHERE? 地點?
Shan Bi MRT Station


LOST?? 迷路??
Call the hare:
Homersexual 0910032658

Up Coming Run/Events 下週
10/1- Low Hanging Fruit -HsinChu Hash joint Run
10/8- Arthur You Fag – TBA
10/15- Split Beaver – HuTouShan
10/20 – Down Island – Puli
10/21 – Down Island – Puli – Sasha in Training
10/22 – Down Island Puli – Dick With Ears, Sheep Shagger

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