The Return of Ding Bu Dong????

He’s been GM 10+ months now, and It Time to return him his name!!! Oh let us not hear the Horrid, Dreaded words “Big John” again!

Return the GM his Name and You may find Leprachaun’s Hidden Treasure on Dingshan, and a Good Bash, and Uber to get down off the mountain too…

** WHERE? 地點? **
DingShan Mountain about 5km up the valley from the Palace Museum.
The Run Start is at:
The Wild Chicken Shag Shack
02 2841 2439
Map Point:

**HOW? 怎麼? **
Meet the GM for a 1:00pm Taxi Pool from Shilin MRT Stn Exit 1!
Tell the taxi driver: 全成土雞城, and open Your google maps
1:15pm Bus M1 from Shilin MRT Stn Exit 1. Bus is often full, so try to get to the head of the line…
test Uber

The Wild Chicken Shack
02 2841 2439

**Lost Call The Hare**
DingBuDong: 0900013266
Dump-N-Run 0933200781

DingBuDong: 0900013266
Dump-N-Run 0933200781

**Year End Schedule**
11/5 – DNR – DingSan – Taxi Pool
11/12 – Up My Passage – POW Memorial Run – Taxi Pool
11/19 – The God Father – TuCheng – MRT
11/26 – Sheman – ShiHu – MRT
12/3 -Horney Mama -Beitou – MRT
12/10 – Shy Stripper – Yangmingshan
12/17 – DingBuDong ZPD – Election Run – Hosanpi MRT
12/24 – Vulture – Christmas Run – TBA
12/31 – Darcy – New Years Run – Dahu Park MRT
1/7 – Ross Perot, Stroke Back Mount Me – Banchao MRT
1/14 – Iron Midget – TBA

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