Down Island 2018

Mark your calendars! Friday October 26th until Sunday October 28th


Down Island will be taking place in Alishan from Friday, October 26th until Sunday October 28th this year.

While this means you will all be skipping your Halloween/Pride plans for something infinitely better, worry not! Halloween/Pride themed runs and celebrations will be bountiful!
What’s more, this year’s Down Island will be brought to you by two of the best hares on the Island – Godfather and Dick With Ears, accompanied by GM’s of past and future – Big John and Drowning in Cum.
這次的南台灣之旅、是由Hash界廣受好評的教父(Godfather)和長耳迪克(Dick With Ears)親力操刀,搭配前任(Big John)及未來(Drowning In Cum)GM⋯聯手推出!

Expect lush trails and beautiful autumn views, followed up with copious amounts of alcohol. 期待一跑南台灣美麗的山林小徑、徜徉在詩情畫意的秋色⋯當然、決對少不了冰涼的啤酒!


4 Person Room on Friday (5300 NTD On or Before 9/15 – 6000 NTD After 9/15) 

2 Person Room on Friday (5600 NTD On or Before 9/15 – 6300 NTD After 9/15)

*The Fee includes hotel, bus, breakfast and dinner, beers, water, and snacks, the run & down down, shirt or Hoodie…

Please Do Not Disturb


Don’t be last man/bitch in!

Sign up before September 15th and save $700NT