STFU – Bus Me

My much beloved and belligerent hashers,

Love it or hate it, it is patently obvious, that the party bus, is an integral part of what makes CH³ special. My first ever CH³ run was a party bus and honestly I cannot be sure I would have come back the next week had I not thrown up in my shoes on some highway halfway between a mountain and Taipei. The atmosphere on the bus – part disco, part orgy and filled with the sultry tones of hoarse hashers murdering Freddy Mercury’s greatest hits is part and parcel of what we do and I hope always will be.

STFU (shut the f*ck up!) 關於巴士特跑…

聽不懂對巴士特跑有特殊情感,因為他第一次參加捷兔就是巴士特跑(當然也是趴踢Bus),在高速公路上吐在鞋子裡。如此特別的經驗讓他難以忘懷:迪斯可音樂、狂歡的氣氛、hashers嘶啞的嗓音謀殺著搖滾大師Freddy Mercury的經典曲目。這是他想做的,也希望未來也一直有這樣經典的巴士特跑。

That being said the economic reality right now is that Bus runs are a real threat to our continued financial viability. The bus company’s have consistently raised prices on us and while the runs are undoubtedly some of the best on offer throughout the year, the runner numbers drop about 25% for every bus run. These two realities leave me with a couple of options, most of which I don’t like. I debated it with the committee and many of you in various conversations over the last month and I believe I have come up with the solution that will ensure that we can continue to provide the best runs in Taiwan while protecting our bottom line.


Before you all get your knickers in a twist: run fees and bus fees will NOT be increasing. CH³ does have more operational costs than your average hash but I believe our current prices are sufficient to pay for them. No one knows more than your piss poor GM that Hashing quickly becomes an expensive hobby and we will not be increasing the burden this year.


We will also not be resorting to only public transport runs. Maybe you all do not agree but for me and many others the party bus is a integral part of what we do and we will not me getting rid of it on my watch.


The plan is to make bus runs much bigger events. This week we will be releasing set dates when Bus Runs will take place throughout the year. Hares with runs they want to do in interesting inaccessible areas will be encouraged to apply for these dates. If you already are booked to hare one of these dates and have an MRT or public transport run, we will look at moving you to another free slot which is not reserved for Party bus or we will see if you have a potential Bus Run for us.


These Bus Runs will take place once a month during suitable months and will be promoted for 4 weeks in the buildup. Some will involve extra activities, early departures, going further south than usual and in general will be just much bigger events than your run of the mill Sunday run. They will be events that you do not want to miss out on.


That being said there will be fewer of them than perhaps in other years. We will be still going to cool places week in week out once we get past the Winter Taipei lockdown but we will be working with hares to figure out Public Transport options for most runs. In total I am planning to host about 6 – 8 bus runs this year. Everything else will be accessible by reasonable public transport options.


Better runs, less expense, a more manageable and predictable Hashing year.


More freedom for run locations, better attendance at your runs and more competition from other hares to fill the bus run slots. These slots will go to the hares with the best run proposals so tell us what you want to do. Open a group chat with the TMs and me. Tell us when you want to hare? Where? What terrain you have? What makes your run special? Planning is key if these are going to be successful. Bus Run Hares will also get a special, exclusive, extremely limited Party Bus Run Hare running cap to commemorate their event.


有意角逐的兔子,請開小窗,加入聽不懂&TM(dump&run, carrier, cock eye),告訴他們:你想什麼時候做?在哪個區域做?那裡有什麼特別的?你計畫的run有什麼亮點?計畫是活動成功的關鍵之一。


These runs are going to be amazing that is a promise. I hope runners and hares alike will support this endeavour, which will, i’m sure, create an all around better year for runners and hares alike while also protecting our precious Hash Cash for the end of year festivities.


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