#2219 – The Christmas Eve Run

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WHAT?? Ho Ho Ho! I’m dreaming of a ginger Christmas…. We have a new GM, it’s Christmas Eve, and Hash Santa this year is none other than ex-GM Trailer Park Redneck. 吼吼吼~滿心歡喜期待聖誕節喔! 在美麗的聖誕前夕~我們有了新G!N年前的老G~Trailer Park Redneck要為我們當CH的聖誕老兔兔慶祝慶祝! His gift to us all is a great A to B run from Muzha MRT station to a secret B. There will be a mix …

Run#2216- Horney MaMa and Frankie’s Hot Tub Party

Horney MaMa & Frankie

Ride the Red Line to Horney Mama’s Hot Tub Party.

** WHERE? 地點? **
Fuxinggang MRT Station, then follow the flour for a 5 min walk to the run start. Here: https://goo.gl/maps/ksbUHoHhTrT2

Follow the hares on a 5 min walk to the bash:

**Lost Call The Hare**
Horney Mama : XOXOXO
Frankie: XOXOXO

**Run Schedule**
12/3 -Horney MaMa & Frankie -Fuxinggang MRT
12/10 – Shy Stripper & Bubba – YMS Hot Spring Run – Xipai MRT
12/17 – DingBuDong ZPD – Election Run – Hosanpi MRT
12/24 – Trailer Park Red Neck – Christmas A to B – Muzha MRT
12/31 – Darcy – New Years Run – Dahu Park MRT
1/7 – MenzeTwaT – TBA MRT
1/14 – Bullseye – XOXO MRT
1/21- Xav Omi, Corry – Dingpu MRT
1/28- Dr. V Face – Nangang MRT
2/4 – Engles – Xindien MRT
2/11 – PussY Vindaloo – Beitou MRT
2/18 – ZPD – Chinese New Year Run

Run #2205 – Homerotic Tendancies

WHAT? 啥咪? Veteran Hare, Homersexual, guides us back to the purple line for 8km of rolling hills and easy running. HOW?? Be Green take MRT to Shanbi from Taipei Main Station **Remember Walk from Blue/Red Line to purple is about 1km** https://goo.gl/maps/8WssWy23Z2m WHERE? 地點? Shan Bi MRT Station https://goo.gl/maps/8WssWy23Z2m BASH 晚餐 TBA LOST?? 迷路?? Call the hare: Homersexual 0910032658 Up …

Run #2202 – The Wild Monkey Run

WHAT? 啥咪? Run the historic upper hills of Tansui with 9″Stump and Dr. Shit Faced. HOW?? Join the Taxi Pool with the GM from Tamsui MRT Stn at 1:30pm to the run start. WHERE? 地點? 三空泉休閒農場, “The 3 Empty Springs Farm” located 4km from Tamsui Station. Use North 4, (DengGong Rd) from Tamsui stn. Google Map Point Here: https://goo.gl/maps/hkYR6PWamjq Address: …

Run #2193 – The Canada Day Beach Run – ZPD, Sloppy Seconds

WHAT? 啥咪? Celebrate 150 Years of Canada and All Things Good at Wai-Ao Beach with hares Zero Personality Disorder, and Sloppy Seconds. WHERE? 地點? Wai-Ao Beach View Point, 300 meters south of Wai-Ao Station. 外澳觀景區 Run Start is here: https://goo.gl/maps/9dc6WzfSHb92 HOW?? From Taipei Main Stn catch Train#4182 at 12:32, arriving WaiAu Stn at 14:29pm. Then walk south 300meter to the …

#2190 – The Return of Frankenthumb

WHAT? 啥咪? Mr. Sausage will lead us on an epic wildman style run in Donghu. WHERE? 地點? Meet the GM at 1:30pm at Donghu MRT Stn to Taxi Pool 5min to the run start at 內溝溪生態展示館 Temple: https://goo.gl/maps/x2MTtqGjFbu -Or Catch Bus 281, 5min to the end of the line at Donhu Metro Bus Station here: https://goo.gl/maps/XCxw5X6G6MH2 Then walk to the …

Run #2189 – The P P P P P Poker Run

WHAT? 啥咪? Two World Class Runners and Super Dorks, The Real Cory and Just Alix, lead us on a Gambling Run with various Risks and Challenges, as well as Valuable Poker Cards at the Checks. Come in with the best poker hand to win. WHERE? 地點? Wanfang Community MRT Stn next to Muzha, U Knuckel Head. Who would waste time …

Run# 2186 – The Fulong Beach Run

WHAT? 啥咪? An 8/10km Beach and hill Run from Fulung Beach. Bring Your Bikini Beach Toys, Frizbee’s and footballs, for a few sporty rounds after the run. WHERE? 地點? Fulung Beach Dong Xing Temple . Follow The flour from Fulung Stn to this temple along the boardwalk: 東興宮 https://goo.gl/maps/UVGDzeKRC722 HOW? 怎麼? Train #4182, at 12:32 from Taipei Main Station ariving …

Run #2180 – Shanbi Shenanigans

WHEN? 什麼時候? Когда? Sunday, April 2nd 2017 Hares are off at 2:30pm! 4月 2號 兔子下午2:30起跑 WHAT? 啥咪? After approximately 80 years of planning and construction, the Airport MRT Line is finally open! Your hares DR VAGINA FACE and CUM SLOWLY, have been planning his run for slightly less time than that, but it’s going to be incredible. Set in the …

Run #2171 – The GM’s a Cock Run

ATTENTION: RUN START IS AT 1.00PM 大家注意! 兔子1.00PM 起跑 WHAT? 啥咪? Welcome to the year of the cock! To Celebrate your cockhead GM Ding Bu Dong has prepared a 15k exhaustive exploration of the Beitou surrounds. Flour will be from Xinbeitou station to a nearby park where our oddeseyan adventure will begin and end. There is a short if you …


不知翻過幾重山後,又有細竹林,又有寺廟,感覺山外有山,雖是冬天但已揮汗如雨! 到了長短分界點二話不說選短的,有人選長的後來後悔又回來跑短的,也有人覺得長的真的刺激好玩,回來感覺他們超興奮的,長的聽說攀岩大概垂直三,四樓層高,繩索沒抓好,就GG了,難怪說長的路線,可能會掛。 圖:長的路線 反正人有百百種,就看個人體力及安全下,要死要活自我選擇囉(哈!應該沒那麼嚴重吧?) Down Down可說是好笑,好玩,像是女生喜歡選長的,硬的路線,被叫上去,那些男生沒有選長的硬的,就被叫上去喝並向女生跪下道歉,(什麼涵意不言可喻, 各位看倌就自己猜了)。 英文名字:Safani 沙發妮,派對動物,報社記者,也是專門寫有關吃喝玩樂,跟趴踢的部落客 English name: Safani, party animal, Newspaper reporter, also A blogger writing about eating, drinking, running & parties. 2168 7K Duingpu MRT A to B 68

Run #2168 – The Russian Christmas Run

— Attention: Run start is at 2.00pm —- 大家注意! 兔子 2.00pm 起跑 ** WHAT? 啥咪? ** All glory to your Beast Runner overlords for filling in this week with a Dingpu run to celebrate Рождество Христово Rozhdestvo Khristovo, or Russian Chrstimas. Unlike the rest of his political party, The Real Cory Lewandowski will not be comprised by the Russian Federation …