Run #2182 – The HUNGover like an elephant run


An easy 7km After AIR Recovery Run on Elephant Mountain. Hared by Pegleg the Magnificent and Hsinchu Hash GM aka The Greasy Turk. And if you still feel like throwing up or have got ‘la dudze’, we have thoughtfully arranged for the trail to pass some restrooms.

AKA The Missed Period Run – come and find out why.

Plenty of time to run and then punish our Japanese guests at down-downs for their colonial-era misdeeds.

全島特跑之後 你應該會希望
1.不想要在舟車勞頓 只想待在市區 小小運動一下
2.喝點小酒 去除特跑後的煩人頭痛
3.跟兔友 聊聊特跑 的路線 ..有趣的噹噹..

你的心聲 我們都有聽到
所以這周日由Peg Leg跟 Hsinchu GM 在象山
規劃了一條7K的路線 讓以上三點 一次滿足

對了 對了 日本來的HASHER朋友也都會一起參加喔
不要錯過 來看我們怎麼”感謝” 當年他們的殖民…..


Houshanpi MRT Station Exit 2, then follow the marking and walk to
nearby Yucheng Park
出後山埤捷運站2號出口後 跟著麵粉走 集合地點在永春公園


Peg Leg, the gimpy guy with the very large shoes…and his able co-Hare fresh off the Midnight Express.

兔子名叫Peg Leg … 嗯….你懂得的


Cause it is Sunday and we don’t want to go to the shopping mall.
幹嗎來跑步? 要不然你/妳周日可以幹嗎? 逛街?


Fucking tourist, still hung over or what? Call the Hare on 0927707868
若是真的找不到起跑點 …..你/妳還是去逛街好了


In a nearby (yes, really) restaurant.
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